Eric Gronemeyer

Eric Gronemeyer: Fellow
Meet Eric!

My name is Eric Gronemeyer, I am a lifelong resident of Colorado and have lived most of my life in the rural Southeastern part of the state. I am currently a graduate student in CSU Pueblo's MSW program. After graduating I am planning to specialize in my passion area which involves working with individuals and groups that have experienced complex trauma. In the past I have worked in behavioral health as a Peer Support Professional and as a Case Manager working with underserved populations in order to help empower them, navigate systems, and access resources to improve their lives. When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my fiancé, our dog and two cats, cooking, and playing music. I am excited at the opportunity to work with such a wonderful organization that is able to navigate community resources and partner with organizations to improve the lives of individuals in the communities they serve.

Some fun facts about Eric are:

  • I competed in the Colorado State Spelling Bee 2 years in a row.
  • As a child I had a pet turtle named Speedy, and Speedy ended up winning a race at the Arkansas Valley Fair.
  • Playing music is one of my favorite hobbies, although my guitar collection is getting out of hand.
  • I love to cook and to create new recipes.
  • One of my dreams is to build a cabin in the Pacific Northwest.

Eric's responses to some fun questions:

If I had a superpower, it would be a "Short Walk" ability, where I could go anywhere that I wanted to in the world, and it would only be a short, 20-minute walk. 

If I were a pasta shape, I would be spätzle, this German pasta is pretty irregular, solid, and can adapt to go with many different things, just like me!

If I entered a talent show I would either play guitar, albeit at the back of the stage, though a cooking competition is much more my style. 

The most inspiring thing about working with the United Way of Pueblo is having the opportunity to learn from and work alongside a group of people who are very passionate and dedicated to improving the community. Everyone on the team brings such unique skills and experiences and uses these to bring about positive changes in Pueblo.